Meet the Crew!

The intrepid adventurers and/or complete lunatics...

Name:  Neil Armand
Age:  49
Experience Level:  Not quite Master but closing in on Commander

First Mate
Name:  Tally Armand
Age:  Rhymes with “nifty tree"
Experience Level:  Started reading Chapman’s Piloting & Seamanship; kept nodding off during the Foreword; looked at the pictures instead

Deck Boss
Name:  Jan Gindorf
Age:  83 (“…but what I wouldn’t give to be 75 again!”)
Experience Level: Has seen all episodes of the Love Boat

Name:  Otter T. Waterdog
Age:  8 
Experience Level:  He’s a good boy!

Name:  Edgrrr T. Cat
Age:  Too old for this sh*t
Experience Level: See above.

Powder Monkey
Name:  Cadejo Negro
Age: Kitten
Experience Level: Who needs experience when you’re this darn cute!

Seasonal Raven Crew:

Able Bodied Seaman
(Seasonal Crewman & All Around Great Guy)
Name: Brian Neill
Age: 56
Experience Level: Canadian

Foil to the Albatross
Name: Zoe
Age: Two maybe three years?
Experience Level: Straight outta Compton

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  1. wow you sure have alot to deal your last post the car rental guy sounds like a crook.

    Have more fun. Hello Jan.